Every year millions of families proudly display an artificial Christmas tree versus a real tree, leaving them with the same nagging question once the holidays have passed, “Where in the world am I going to put this thing?” No doubt, an artificial Christmas tree isn’t exactly a small item to store when it comes to the decorations. Along with being the largest item, it usually carries the heftiest price tag to boot. Since the storing of an articial tree is a common problem for most, it surely deserves to be talked about. Surprisingly enough, the storing of an artificial tree isn’t as simple as stuffing it somewhere out of sight, at least not if you want to do it right.

There are right ways and wrong ways for the storing of your artificial tree, but most are content with simply shoving it back into its original box. Sounds simple, but is usually easier said than done. If you have ever purchased a king size sheet set, brought it home and unfolded it completely only to find that it didn’t really fit, then had the complicated task of trying to fold it back exactly how it was and get it back into the package…not easy huh? In other words, putting a Christmas tree back in the box is basically impossible. Even though the original box serves as a means of containment, the tree is still not protected from getting dusty and dirty while it is in storage. If the cardboard should get wet, it will fall apart quickly, not to mention that cardboard is also a favorite choice for chewing when it comes to insects and vermin.

Sheets made of plastic or cloth have also been used as an option for the storage of an artificial tree. In some cases, this works out really well, but a lot of it depends on the disassembly of your tree. Most of the artificial trees found today are made with hinged branches, so that each section can be folded down to minimized capacity. Should your tree feature these hinged branches, you may be able to wrap each seperate section with some type of sheet or cloth, securing it with some twine or string to keep the cloth in place. This method won’t really work for your tree if it’s an older model, the kind with individual branches or fixed branches that can’t be compressed. The most you can do with a sheet on this type of tree is simply draping it over, and that isn’t the best way to keep dirt or pests off.

Some stores carry plastic bins or bags that are specifically designed for the purpose of storing artificial trees, making them essentially the best option available. You can usually find or purchase these products at discount stores, over the internet on retail websites, or in the occasional specialty catalog. The best design for keeping out dust and dirt is a bag with a zipper enclosure, or a container with a tight fitting lid that seals really well. You can also find a storage container with wheels, and this will make it much easier for moving large or very heavy trees to their place of storage.

Shoving the tree back into it’s box or covering it with a sheet might sound like the easiest way to store your tree, but the plastic bag or container will provide the best protection. Another plus to taking the time to properly store your artificial tree is the money you will be saving, because by purchasing a $50 or $100 bin or bag that can last forever, is a whole lot cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars every few years for a new tree. So despite the investment in a good means of storage for your tree, the headaches and time that it will save you in the end makes it well worth it!